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MegaLUX LED Traffic Warning Signs (TWS) are an invaluable asset to improving traffic safety in urban and rural environments. The integration of modern LED backlit sign illumination surpasses standard passive (reflective) signage that depend on a vehicles headlights to become visible at night. MegaLUX backlit signs provide approaching motorists, bicycles and pedestrians advanced notice and warning of hazards regardless of the time of day or if a motorists has there lights on or not.

MEGALUX backlit signs provide a bright, easy to read guidance system that improves traffic flow and awareness in locations prone hazardous conditions.

MegaLUX backlit signs use natural sunlight rather than the dependence
of grid electricity allowing signs to be placed anywhere. With unlimited applications, MegaLUX LED signs can be installed near schools,
crosswalks, intersections, merging lanes and dangerous turns. Other signs include Do Not Enter, Yield, and One Way. Custom legends and signs available upon request.

Smart Detection 24/7
MegaLUX LED traffic signs are designed to connect motion sensors that trigger the sign to flash or turn on the moment it detects an approaching vehicle or pedestrian. Wireless communication connectors can activate other signs and road markings simultaneously without the need of hard wiring. Contour LED’s for added attention providing the ultimate in modern illumination traffic signalization.

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